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     Futuristic helps 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations plan organized, cost effective and profitable fundraising events on one site.  An amateur event planner can organize professional, efficient and lucrative fundraising events like a pro!  All of the products and services offered on our site are sponsored by our exclusive business members and you will enhance your organization’s image with numerous sponsors on your promotional and event materials.  We also offer numerous fundraising ideas on our Blog to make your events exciting and memorable to ensure future support from your attendees and attract new donor support.  You will be able to plan fundraising events efficiently while maximizing the profitability of your event.  The products and services sponsored by our business members will be specifically tailored to your event attendees and organization’s fundraising goals.   When you have successfully completed your event planning, you can post your event on our site and seek monetary sponsorships directly from business members who are seeking to market their products and services to your  attendees.  

         Spend less time planning and more time promoting your event!  Increase the visibility of your organization in your community.  Plan several fundraisers for different age groups and sexes on a regular basis to meet your organization’s operating expenses and fundraising goals.  The cost of membership is only a fraction of the benefits to your organization!  We are confident that you will find exclusive membership on our site a worthy investment.  Join now to get started on a bright financial future for your organization!

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